Blackjack is one of my favorite games and I have to admit that this is the avenue where I am quite hooked, but then again, I know the game well. Let me share some of my best tips with you for the next time you play online. First of all never be tempted to spilt tens when a dealer for example have a six or seven. You have a great hand already and tempting fate is a mistake.

One of your worst hands to have is sixteen therefore if you have eights, spilt them, you could not really go worse and if your split went well you might win on at least one or even both hands.

Always hit on a soft hand and stand on hard for example if you have a soft 17, you have to hit, but with a 10-7, you stand.

If you are not a card counter, do not bother to take insurance, as you are sure to lose it regardless

Times to double down include when you cards hold nine and your dealer has four, five, or six. When you have nine and your dealer has less than eight. When you have ten and your dealer has less than nine. When you have eleven and your dealer shows an ace or a ten.

Roulette strategies to follow which is great for any online casino is calling for straight up inside betting where you are paid thirty-five to one when your number selected is rolled on. The best strategy to use when you first start regardless of the casino is taking minimum $5 inside betting and $1 chips.

Do not get overeager and bet more than $40 chips at one time, as smaller stakes ensure you are never too badly hurt when the dice does not go your way. Pick 5 lucky numbers, place only $1 chips on each, and keep repeating this a couple of times. Believe me the money you will win is nothing to sneeze at and the losses are smaller. When you have done this repeatedly for eight-time divide those winnings over your five numbers and smile all the way, when you win.