Have you ever experienced that outrageously crazy feeling when you unexpectedly win thousands of dollars online at a casino? Yes, that is possible, I am living proof, and I hope that you experience that crazy feeling too very soon. It is an unexpected windfall, although all of us play mobile casino games in the hope of winning it is not always the case. There are such as myriad of things you could do with that windfall; however, who wants to spend those winnings on boring aspects such as paying bills or taxes, debt and the likes? No outrageous money deserves outrageous spending and I want to share with you some of the crazy ideas on how you can spend your casino winnings.

Some of the insanely priced things you will not ordinarily buy include:


  1. Most expensive champagne or drinks

Have you ever sat at a bar and watch the stinking rich order champagne or wines that blow your mind? Now is the time for you to do so. Most gamblers including me love a great whiskey and the rarest it is the more expensive. Alternatively, walking into a bar and ordering ridiculously expensive cocktails for yourself and maybe that special person which include the $3, 000 cocktail that they serve at Las Vegas’s Wynn Resort. It contains 23-carat gold flakes, gold syrup, Grand Marnier, Hennessey Ellipse and Chrystal rose Champagne.


  1. Most expensive food

Delicious meals could also be on top of your list after you sipped on expensive drinks and if you are looking for places that serves food at prices that most people do not earn in a month for one meal, try the Serendipity 3, located in New York City. They serve a Golden Opulence Sunday, priced at $1, 000 or if you want to eat the most expensive burger in the world you are at the right place too where else could you get a $295 Le Burger Extravagant, that there?


  1. Perfumes are also listed

Anything that has an insane price deserves to be listed and even ordinarily would you pay through your nose for perfumes. However, with your windfall can you buy an ounce of Caron’s Poivre for $1, 000 if you want to buy economically? What about the limited edition Grand Extrait that sells at $4, 200 per ounce from the Chanel range or the Clive Christian that sells at $ 2, 150 per ounce. That would seriously impress anyone who sees it casually displayed on your bathroom cabinet.


  1. Fancy pens and pencils

If you are somewhat of the intellectual type or have intellectual friends who love, displaying the taste in pens, now is the time for you to fall in line and impress with a $57, 000 limited edition Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen or the Visconti ripple.


  1. Gold iPhone Case

Make no mistake you won this money simply because you love mobile casino gaming therefore is your IPhone very precious to you. After all, it played a large part in your winnings, so why not treat yourself and your phone with an 18 carat rose gold case that is encrusted with pink and white diamonds? Where else will you find a more outrageously priced item than the 189, 000 GBP, UUnique Lotus IPhone case?