I do not know if I agree with the term gambling addiction, simply because I am a responsible professional gambler. I do not take the food out of my families, mouths, or clothes off their backs to gamble. I do realize that many people have fallen into that pit, but I want to take this opportunity to share my views on how to NOT be a gambling addict and how to practice responsible gambling.

Focus is your number one priority if you want to gamble and you need both focus and concentration in order to win, not randomly pressing buttons and making crazy wagers. When you play, you have to set aside the house’s mortgage that is due, your child’s homework that needs finishing or what you will have for supper.

Emotions can never get the better of you and you have to accept that some you win and some you lose and never allow it to affect you.

Building a bankroll is so important when you want to become a professional gambler and I advise even the occasional gambler to play a hand of $10, 000 when your bankroll consists off merely 20, 000, or $30, 000. Never play with all the money you have, as this is where gambling gets its bad “name” from.

Practicing discipline is as important as this is the only way you will make money, as no discipline is a recipe for sure disaster. Each bet you place must be the result of your logical thinking. If you have the bankroll and the knowledge, but you lack discipline, you will fail.

Keeping record of you losses and your wins will ensure that your wins are more than your losses. You need to maintain great records of everything more than just what you are gambling and this includes car payments, mortgage payments, taxes, and such.

You have to treat gambling as you would any sport, which you could play in order to make extra money if you do not play professionally.