How my story began goes back to 2005 and I was a poor electrical engineering student. When I say poor, I mean really, poor and I lived with six friends in a one bedroomed apartment in the Bronx in New York. We were all students and took turns each week to sleep on one of the two single beds in the bedroom and the rest grabbed a spot on a couch or our best friend, sleeping bags.

We did part time work as waiters and kitchen help in-between studying just to pay the rent, gas, and feed ourselves. By nature am I in love with design and I was not happy with my job, peeling potatoes and chopping onions and vegetables after classes, and continuously looking for jobs in the IT departments and finding freelance web design gigs in New York and surrounds.

The ones I did find back in the day did not pay as well as it does today and I still struggled to keep body and soul together. One day I saw one of my roommate getting dressed up, in fancy black pants and ruffled white shirt. He did look funny, but I could see he is definitely not off to a kitchen somewhere in the Bronx.

In fact, he did land a gig as a waiter in one of the Manhattan casinos and his lift picked him up a short while later. This was my first introduction to casinos and after he landed me a job waitering, this industry fascinated me. I wanted to gamble and not serve the rich with fancy cocktails. Each one of the dollars I earned and believe me these gamblers got generous when they won big was tucked away carefully.

I was not allowed to gamble at my workplace and searched online for places to gamble, I needed to see if I had any luck or if it required skills. Blackjack fascinated me as I watched the men at the tables obviously lose money, but when they won, they won big. I played my fist online game at one of the very few mobile casinos from a friend’s laptop and the rest is history. I was hooked and even gave up three years of studies to become the professional gambler I am today.